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Aslaug, Queen of Scandinavia.

She was a Viking queen who appears in the Völsunga Saga, Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok and the Edda Saga.

She was the daughter of legendary Sigurd, the murderer of dragons, and Brunilda warrior. But she grew up with her grandfather Heimer, father of Brunilda. Heimer was seen with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of her granddaughter, and built a harp large enough to hide the girl inside. So were both traveling with Aslaug hidden inside the harp.

Both reached Lidesnes, Norway, where they spent the night on the farm Ake and Grima. Ake thought he saw the harp a vessel containing a valuable treasure and he told Grima. She convinced her husband to murder Heimer while sleeping. But when they opened the harp, found a girl and then adopted it as if she were their own daughter, putting the nickname of Kraka.

One day, while the princess was taking a bath, was discovered by the Vikings Warriors of Lodbrok Ragnar, who were near the river baking bread. Confused by the beauty of Aslaug, warriors left to burn the bread, and when Ragnar asked for explanations, they told him of the beautiful girl. Ragnar sent to fetch her, no matter if she was dressed or naked, hungry or sated, together or alone. Aslaug stood before him wearing a mesh, eating an onion and accompanied by a dog. Ragnar was impressed by her beauty and married her. They had 5 children:

- Ivar Ragnarsson. The Boneless. Warrior.
- Ragnarsson Bjorn. Iron Arm. King of Sweden.
- Hvtsark Ragnarsson. The in White Shirt. Warrior.
- Rognvald Ragnarsson. King of Jutland.
- Sigurd Ragnarsson. Snake Eye. King of Zealand, Scania, Halland, the Danish Islands and Viken.

When Ragnar went to visit King Osten Beli of Sweden, it persuaded him to repudiate Aslaug, and marry the Swedish Princess Ingeborg. Upon his return, Aslaug was informed about plans for her husband and reproached his daring, rebelling her noble origin. To prove that she was the daughter of Sigurd the dragon murderer, told her that she would give birth to a child who would have a snake in one eye. This son was Sigurd. When Osten knew of the change of mind of Ragnar, rebelled but died on the battlefield, fighting against the children of Aslaug.

Resultado de imagen de aslaug

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