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Celtic women.

Celtic women lived in a system of equal rights and duties as men. From birth, both sexes were reared together, getting the same cultural and spiritual education, sharing their games as well as apprenticeships and they were equally brave at the time of entering the battlefield.

Among the rights, then the Roman and Christian law took care to ban (and censored) were:

- The right to choose her husband, no one could impose a wedding. The Celtic laws included the renewal of the marriage contract a year of marrying the couple.

- The woman had the right to divorce, with equitable distribution of goods. Keeping each spouse and distributing their own goods which have increased during the marriage.

- Divorce was not something shameful or frowned upon by the rest of society and concubinage.

- There was a "friendship thighs" which was that women could freely choose a man to her liking, for sex openly without thereby incur any liability on the part of one or the other. Without this imply any judgment by the rest of the clan or tribe.

- The woman managed its assets could trade and could take legal reasons if necessary.

- Women had the duty and the right to receive an equitable education for men. Women, like men, could come to practice medicine and, according to their ability and dedication, reached Druidesses ranges, poets, legislators, educators, family heads, traders, fighting and weapons instructors, obtaining the seniority of "Wise Woman".

- The Celtic women had great dignity, were tireless, cheerful, willful workers, because this was part of their tradition, like having a great strength to work in the fields, herd cattle and the rigor of the struggle.

- They had the virtue of acting like beasts to adversity or obligations, then become seductive "lovely mermaids" when love, break or holiday parties.

- Flirty quintessential Women were obsessed with personal cleanliness and aesthetics. They were experts in developing various cosmetics to color their pale faces. They had special care in choosing and designing their clothes, which they made themselves and adorned with precious stones, gold and bronze. They were excessive, like men, wearing jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings and hair ornaments.

Resultado de imagen de mujer celta

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